All Things Vintage – Livingston, Tennessee – 03/18/2019

Heading back to the Tennessee House from an afternoon appointment in Cookeville, I decided to take advantage of the lovely day and cruise home the scenic route instead of just jumping on I-40.

Highway 111 North takes you into the small town of Livingston, Tennessee. I got there with a few minutes to spare, and I invested those minutes into browsing through one of the many antique shops located along the Downtown Square.

I hit All Things Vintage; and even though I only had a few bucks left to my name, I lucked across some inexpensive costume jewelry, and picked up a Butterfly Pin and a Peacock Pin. I also got a cute teal glass vase. My grand total was just a hair over $4.00.

I don’t know much about antiques or vintage collectibles. But I do know a thing or two about browsing through fun shops and finding unique treasures for absolute bargain prices.

If you are into antiques, be sure to look into the Livingston area for your next picking expedition. You just might find that magical addition to your collection for which you’ve been searching! And if not, you’re sure to enjoy the thrill of the hunt!

All Things Vintage is run by a very kind lady who took a moment out of her busy schedule while closing up shop to listen to me reminisce about my beloved Ribby. It always warms a grieving mother’s heart to have the spirit of her Baby Girl live on even in the smallest part of a stranger’s heart. I am grateful for her time, her warmth, and the great deals on a few pieces I can add to my Ribby collection.