Chattahoochee Riverwalk / Historic 14th Street Bridge / Phenix City Riverwalk – Columbus, Georgia / Phenix City, Alabama – 05/05/2021

The Chattahoochee Riverwalk is a 15 mile long river front park that traverses the scenic and historic Columbus, Georgia waterfront. On the Alabama side of the river, you will find the Phenix City Riverwalk, which offers an equally scenic 1.2 mile trail hugging the western shore of the Chattahoochee. Connecting the two, is a recently restored section of the Historic 14th Street Bridge. Originally designed and constructed in the early 1830’s by Horace King, a well-known American architect and former slave, the bridge was destroyed by floods in the late 1830’s. It was rebuilt by King, and then destroyed again…

Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail at Kelly Ingram Park – Birmingham, Alabama – 11/30/2019

In the early 1960s, Kelly Ingram Park, in Birmingham, Alabama became the epicenter of our nation’s Civil Rights Movement. Today, you can walk in the footsteps of those who endured bombings, brutality, confrontations, rallies, and more, to fight for their most basic of human rights. Monuments, statues, signage, and even an audio tour bring the struggle to life as you march with those who came before us. Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail at Kelly Ingram Park Click on any photo for books and resources for learning about the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement.

The Four Spirits Sculpture at Kelly Ingram Park Along the Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail – Birmingham, Alabama – 11/30/2019

The Four Spirits Sculpture at Kelly Ingram Park memorializes the lives lost during the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing on September 15, 1963. The four girls represented in the statues are all shown in preparation for the Church sermon, just moments before the explosion that would take their lives. The youngest girl killed, Denise McNair, is releasing six doves into the air as she stands barefoot upon the bench. The second barefoot girl, Addie Mae Collins, kneels upon the bench, helping McNair with her dress. Cynthia Wesley, the third young girl, sits alongside the others with a book in her lap depicting the words…

Red Cat Coffee House – Birmingham, Alabama – 11/30/2019

We left the house with plenty of coffee for the road, but our first official stop for Vacation Coffee was the fancy feline-themed Red Cat Coffee House by Railroad Park in Downtown Birmingham, Alabama. We loved the Signature Lattes, and it was REEEEEALLLLY hard to pick just a few… We definitely had to get the Russian Blue in honor of our own Sapphira, Princess of Athenia. And the rest all sounded incredible as well! Trillian and I narrowed it down to the Coconut and Vanilla Burmese, and the Vanilla and Cinnamon Abyssinian, to go with our Dark Chocolate and Peppermint…

Random Birmingham – Birmingham, Alabama – 11/30/2019

Our first stop off the Interstate for a coffee break and a few Bucket List Checks… Here are a few random shots from Downtown Birmingham, Alabama. There wasn’t much going on downtown in the midst of this sleepy post-Holiday weekend, but there were some gorgeous old theatres, nostalgic neon signs, and unique architecture to be enjoyed as we made our way from Railroad Park to Kelly Ingram Park. New Ideal Department StoreAlabama TheatreLyric TheatreRailroad Park Click on any photo for books about Birmingham, Alabama! Or check out our SPGFAN QUIKLIST for fun, family-friendly attractions in Birmingham, Alabama!

First State Down! Sweet Home Alabama! – Georgia/Alabama Border on I-20 – Waco, Georgia into Muscadine, Alabama – 11/30/2019

Ahhhh! Our first state border crossing on our 2019 Girls’ Trip West! We left Athens, GA about 8am or so, hit a little Game Day traffic in the center of Atlanta for the UGA / GA Tech Game, and then made it to the Alabama Border by noonish! Blue skies ahead! And lots of memories to be made! So the trip begins!

Walking My Dragon in Big Spring International Park – Huntsville, Alabama – 05/10/2018

So, today was all about a little Mom Solo Adventure. I have some pretty significant personal memories invested into Big Spring International Park in Downtown Huntsville, so this will always be a VERY special place for me. Memories of My Precious River Sivanne… Feeding the fish and the ducks, enjoying the museums… Strolling the canals. So, I took my dragon for a walk through the park. And what’s the first thing I find? A rock with a river on it! How freaking cool is that? See, what also happened today… This is the first time I discovered the Painted Rock…

Embassy Suites by Hilton Huntsville Hotel & Spa – Huntsville, Alabama – 05/09/2018

I’ve been doing a lot of back and forth the last few days getting ready to leave for our BIG, BIG, HUUUUGE trip… But, for now, we have arrived in Huntsville, Alabama, our destination for the evening. Embassy Suites by Hilton Huntsville Hotel & Spa So, for now, I’m going to relax! Until it’s time to do it again tomorrow! Sweet dreams! View From the RoomBig Spring International Park

Another Walk Through Downtown Mobile – Mobile, Alabama – 09/27/2017

The weather was little brighter today, so we thought we’d take another walk through Downtown Mobile, Alabama! We got some more shots of Mardi Gras Park, and the gorgeously festive statues that surround it. Joe Cain is largely credited as the founder of the post-Civil War “Modern Day” Mardi Gras celebration in Mobile. There is a statue paying homage to him, amongst those of Mardi Gras Royalty, and the colorful jesters. In the vicinity, you also have the History Museum of Mobile, Fort Charlotte aka Colonial Fort Condé, the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center, and more! Mobile is a great…

Chocolate Corner & Ice Cream – Gulf Shores, Alabama – 09/26/2017

We definitely got our chocolate fix today in Gulf Shores! We’ve been passing Chocolate Corner every day since we’ve been here, and we finally had a chance to stop. They had a great selection of delicious truffles in a wide variety of flavor choices. Our other favorite was their unique selection of Chocolate Barks. From Sea Salted Almonds, to Toffee Crunch, to Key Lime White Chocolate, and SO much more… We loaded up! The Milky Way Latte was excellent, and the White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha was incredible!

Speakeasy Spirits – Gulf Shores, Alabama – 09/26/2017

With a super friendly staff, and a VERY extensive selection of craft sodas, Speakeasy Spirits is an explosion of all sorts of flavor possibilities! We’ve spent several months in Gulf Shores, Alabama this year, and we made regular trips into Speakeasy Spirits to keep our fridge stocked with AWESOMENESS! While we certainly didn’t get to try them all, be on the lookout for assorted posts in our Soda Pop Savant category to see which ones we were able to experience! Two of our absolute favorites, for sure, are Swamp Pop’s Praline Cream Soda and Havana Soda Company’s Havana Mojito! If…

Sunset at the USS Alabama in Battleship Memorial Park – Mobile, Alabama – 09/25/2017

Battleship Memorial Park is the proud home of the USS Alabama, USS Drum, and a collection of Military Vehicles and Military Aircraft; as well as a Veterans Memorial to honor those that bravely served throughout the history of America’s Armed Forces. On this particular evening, we paid our respects as the sun sank below the horizon, almost as if it, too, were offering a salute to the most valiant of them all. Learn more about the USS Alabama! Build a Scale Model of the USS Alabama!

Mobile Mardi Gras Park – Mobile, Alabama – 09/25/2017

Mobile Mardi Gras Park may be a newer park on the landscape of Downtown Mobile, Alabama, but be sure to check out the collection of statues representing the historical Mardi Gras cultural traditions of the city! Colorful Mardi Gras Royalty and jovial Jesters proudly surround the park green, and make for a fun walk before or after visiting The Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center, History Museum of Mobile, or Colonial Fort Conde! Mobile, Alabama is a great Family Friendly Destination loaded with history, culture, cuisine, and FUN!

Gelato and Lattes from Serda’s Coffee Company – Mobile, Alabama – 09/25/2017

When exploring the Lower Dauphin Street Historic District of Mobile, Alabama, Serda’s Coffee Company makes a great stop to satisfy all your afternoon cravings! Whether you are looking for a quick bite, hot drink, or cold treat, Serda’s has it all! Smooth, creamy gelato in all sorts of fun flavors. An extensive list of freshly roasted coffees; long menu of espresso drinks; and loads of flavor choices for each! Sandwiches, wraps, salads, breakfast items, and more! Check out Serda’s Menu to see everything! Click on any photo to learn more!

Lower Dauphin Street Historic District – Downtown Mobile, Alabama – 09/25/2017

Where historic buildings of ornately styled architecture give way to high-rise hotels, the Lower Dauphin Street Historic District of Mobile, Alabama is a destination that has it all! A 19th century melting pot of cultures and styles blend together for food, music, and revelry of the best kind! French, Spanish, British, Creole, Catholic, Greek and African cultures have all played their parts in the shaping of everything from architecture, cuisine, and business; to celebrations, traditions, local lore and more! Honor Mobile’s incredible history, by enjoying the modern Mobile of today!

Pulled Pork BBQ and Shrimp Po’ Boys – Dauphin Island, Alabama – 09/25/2017

I can’t for the life of me remember what this restaurant was called when we ate here, but as of 2018, Reel Deal BBQ & Seafood occupies this same location, with a very similar menu! On this day, we indulged in some Loaded BBQ Baked Potatoes, Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches, and a Shrimp Po’ Boy that blew our minds! This was an awesome dining experience! We hope the new location is still serving up these fun foods!

A Few Random Shots on Our Dauphin Island Adventures – Dauphin Island, Alabama – 09/25/2017

Dauphin Island has been on my bucket list for a while! Today, we took the Mobile Bay Auto Ferry ride out of Fort Morgan and over to Dauphin Island. Once there, we visited The Estuarium at Dauphin Island Sea Lab. And then took a look around Fort Gaines. And then, just explored the island itself! This collection contains a few random shots from our adventures! Be sure to check out All Our Dauphin Island Adventures!

Midnight Riders – Gulf Shores, Alabama – 09/21/2017

Just taking the Golf Cart for a little ride to the beach… And then a nice, midnight walk along the Gulf of Mexico. The lights sparkling along the horizon are oil platforms in the distance.

Matt’s Homemade Alabama Ice Cream – Gulf Shores, Alabama – 9/21/2017

Not far from where we are staying in Gulf Shores, and right in the heart of where we were shopping, we found Matt’s Homemade Alabama Ice Cream. Billed as “The Only Homemade Ice Cream in the Gulf Shores Area“, they offer 40 decadent flavors, all available in VERY generous servings! They also offer such goodies as banana splits, ice cream floats, milkshakes, and more. Oh, and espresso drinks! Don’t these cones look scrumptious? Mmmm! Matt’s makes a fabulous treat after a day enjoying all that Gulf Shores, Alabama has to offer!

Sunset Along the Gulf – Gulf Shores, Alabama – 09/14/2017

Just one of many gorgeous adventures we enjoyed while spending September in Gulf Shores, Alabama! More great ideas to come! Stay tuned! For now, click on any photo to learn more about Wildlife Along the Gulf Coast!

Painted Shells! – Gulf Shores, Alabama – 09/14/2017

We’re just now getting into the Painted Rock Craze… But, how cool is it to be on the beach and find Painted Shells! Awesome! It’s impossible not to smile when you find something so full of cheer!

Historic Huntsville Depot – Huntsville, Alabama – 04/20/2016

Most kids LOVE trains! Mine always have! The Historic Huntsville Depot has an extensive collection of both indoor and outdoor exhibits through all eras of railroad history in and around the Alabama region. The Huntsville Depot was a passenger station until the late 1960’s. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this preserved historic facility offers great fun for all ages. Even the youngest kids will enjoy playing in the Little Toots play area! Historic Huntsville Depot is a unit within the Early Works Family of Museums, which also includes Alabama Constitution Hall Park and Museum, and The…

Earlyworks Children’s Museum – Huntsville, Alabama – 04/20/2016

Oh, what a fabulous way to spend an afternoon! Early Works Children’s Museum is a HUGE history museum, focused on the timeline of the State of Alabama, but geared specifically for kids! Hours upon hours worth of fascinating hands-on exhibits throughout a VERY well done series of rooms themed by historical era. Run an old-fashioned general store market, hear legends from the Story Tree, make music, dress up in period costumes, cook a meal over an open hearth… Spin cotton, board a wagon towards new discoveries, work on a flatboat… Immerse yourself in Black and African History, and honor the…

Guided Workshop Tour and Old-Fashioned Toy Experience – Alabama Constitution Hall Park and Museum – Huntsville, Alabama – 04/20/2016

When visiting Alabama Constitution Hall Park and Museum, be sure to check out their schedule of guided tours and interactive experiences. We were fortunate enough to have a lovely tour guide share such an intimate hands-on Workshop Tour and Old-Fashioned Toy Experience with us today! We got to see how things were made, and had plenty of time to enjoy the toys ourselves! So much fun! Alabama Constitution Hall Park and Museum is a unit within the Early Works Family of Museums, which also includes Early Works Children’s Museum, and the Historic Huntsville Depot. All the units together can make…

Alabama Constitution Hall Park and Museum – Huntsville, Alabama – 04/20/2016

Alabama Constitution Hall Park and Museum is a unit within the Early Works Family of Museums, which also includes Early Works Children’s Museum, and the Historic Huntsville Depot. All the units together can make a busy day of fun, or even a full and fabulous educational weekend getaway. One membership gets you admission to all 3 locations! I find this group of museums to be fairly unique in scope to have such a focus on history that is very specifically geared towards younger children. Sometimes history can feel dry, or boring, but not within the Early Works Family of Museums!…

Feeding the Ducks at Big Spring International Park – Huntsville, Alabama – 04/20/2016

In the very heart of Downtown Huntsville, Alabama you will find Big Spring International Park. Be sure to spend time with some of the park’s most popular permanent residents! The friendly ducks, spirited geese, and colorful koi fish! Pay stations set up throughout the park give kids a chance to feed their new avian and aquatic friends a healthy diet for just a few quarters in the slot. We visit Huntsville pretty frequently and never miss a chance to stroll along the lake and canals, feeding our hungry buddies along the way! Check out all the baby ducklings, too! They’re…

Tanner’s Pecans and Candies – Mobile, Alabama – 02/12/2010

A lovely Sweet Tooth Indulgence while passing through Mobile, Alabama! Tanner’s Pecans and Candies has lots of lovely choices, especially when in the midst of Mardi Gras season! One of their in-house specialties is the chocolate covered cherries! And you can watch the ladies make them right before your very eyes! Perhaps you need a King Cake? Or, of course, some yummy Pecan Pralines!