Chocolate Corner & Ice Cream – Gulf Shores, Alabama – 09/26/2017

We definitely got our chocolate fix today in Gulf Shores!

We’ve been passing Chocolate Corner every day since we’ve been here, and we finally had a chance to stop.

They had a great selection of delicious truffles in a wide variety of flavor choices.

Our other favorite was their unique selection of Chocolate Barks. From Sea Salted Almonds, to Toffee Crunch, to Key Lime White Chocolate, and SO much more… We loaded up!

The Milky Way Latte was excellent, and I THINK the other hot drink we ordered was a White Chocolate Raspberry Latte. Yum….

Here at SPG Family Adventure Network, we ALWAYS focus on the positive, and try to steer away from shedding any negative light upon a business. However, if this place has “room for improvement” it is definitely in the customer service department.

The candies and the drinks are definitely worthy of a visit. And we would happily return when in the area again to give them another shot.

But, we did leave out of there extremely disappointed with the way the sales clerk treated us. We made a sizable purchase, as we also bought quite a few gifts for friends and family for the take-home, in addition to drinks and ice cream. But the cashier was rather irritable, and seemed bothered to have to ring us up. She charged us incorrectly, and refused to fix her mistake.

Normally, I would have stood my ground for a fair resolution to the situation, but the cashier proceeded to the next customer, which was also growing into an unpleasant transaction; so we just chalked it up as a loss and left before our drinks got cold and our ice cream got hot.

We would never completely write off a business due to one less-than-stellar customer service experience, but it still stinks when it happens.

So, should you try Chocolate Corner?

The candy is awesome, and the drinks are good.

Give it a shot. I’m sure that’s not their only cashier.

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