K-Brew Coffee & Bagels – Knoxville, Tennessee – 10/29/2020

Since we missed the supply of Vegan Doughnuts at Status Dough, we were still on the lookout for a Vegan-Friendly Breakfast for Trillian.

Next on our list of Knoxville places to check out was K-Brew Coffee & Bagels near the West Town Mall.

K-Brew offers a pretty extensive selection of flavored bagels and spreads.

They had some fun signature seasonal lattes as well.

We decided upon a Chipotle Maple Latte and a Butterbier Latte.

An Everything Bagel for Alysia, Blueberry for Trillian, and 3 Cheese Italian with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Cheese Spread for me.

And a Blueberry and Almond Chia Pudding, because Breakfast should always include dessert!

Even for healthy people! Ha!

K-Brew was a pretty happening little place. I highly recommend it if you’re in Knoxville and looking for a quick, inexpensive, but unique and locally owned breakfast joint!

This was the West Hills location, but they also have locations Downtown and in North Knoxville!

You can also explore their K-Brew Signature Coffee Roasts by shopping online HERE!

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